Our Scope of Work

  • idea


    After the initial due diligence, the first step is to refine the product idea from a technology and a functional standpoint. We then assist in communicating the concept through pitch decks, white papers, and a polished website.

  • fundraise


    We bring in external capital from the world's leading VC firms, as well as influential advisers and angel investors from across the crypto ecosystem, through our partnerships.

  • launch

    Launch Product

    We facilitate the creation of a distinct brand image and build a strong community through a comprehensive marketing and PR strategy. In order to get maximum traction, we also assist in influencer engagements and partnerships.

Areas We Assist In!

  • Fundraising

    Help with the infusion of capital from top-tier funds, angels and advisors.

  • Marketing

    Assist in the development of a holistic marketing and PR strategy, as well as the onboarding of the top influencers.

  • Technology

    Leverage our studio to develop error-free smart contract code.

  • Product design

    Make your product increasingly user-friendly with the expertise of our design team.

  • Partnerships

    Assist in real-world and DeFi alliances to harness platform and user growth.

SL2 Labs Team

  • team

    David Atkinson

    Blockchain Technology Lead

  • team

    Babar Shabir

    Project Portfolio Lead

  • team

    Naeem Ahmed


  • team

    Anis Ahmed Chohan

    Technical Advisor

  • team

    Arun Quayum

    Finance and Portfolio Manager

  • team

    Kiran Lal

    Portfolio Projects Manager

  • team

    Zoe Glaysher

    Relationship Manager

  • team

    Laijo Koola

    IT Manager

  • team

    Jacob Maina

    Office Coordinator

We’re always looking for compelling ideas, business, and partnership opportunities. We also enjoy reading your feedback. If you’re submitting a business proposal, please include a clear description and any resources that could help us evaluate your opportunity.

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