The SL2 Capital Strategy

We support visionary founders with a razor-sharp focus on helping businesses flourish. With an emphasis on web 3.0 development, we invest across all stages and sectors.

That's all there is to it.

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    We do not believe in opacity. SL2 Capital will always be transparent, open, and honest with you. It's the bedrock of our successful collaboration.

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    We have been entrepreneurs, We understand the journey and the tribulations. We do not squander your valuable time hence we will only connect you to the significant people who make the decisions.

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    SL2 Capital has been involved in the blockchain sector since early 2017. We are associated with all the key stakeholders in the space and can put you in touch with the relevant players.

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    SL2 Labs and SL2 Studios are the two divisions that makeup SL2 Capital.


SL2 Labs

SL2 Labs accelerates projects that we consider will break new ground. We build a scaffold around these initiatives, giving assistance at each level of their growth. We work relentlessly to guarantee maximum impact in branding, tokenomics, go-to market, launch, listing, collaborations, PR, and other areas. We offer advisory services to projects that are farther along in their journey but require additional support in achieving their objectives. We have strategic collaborations with over 100+ venture capitalists in the crypto and conventional industry.

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SL2 Capital Team

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    David Atkinson

    Blockchain Technology Lead

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    Aqsa Imran

    Finance Director

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    Anuma Yogendranath

    Head of Legal and Compliance

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    Rachel Alidoosti

    HR Director

We’re always looking for compelling ideas, business, and partnership opportunities. We also enjoy reading your feedback. If you’re submitting a business proposal, please include a clear description and any resources that could help us evaluate your opportunity.

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