SL2 backs founders who are creating new industries

We invest across all stages and sectors, with a focus on Web 3.0 and distributed ledger technology.

SL2 Labs

SL2 Labs incubates projects which we believe are breaking new ground. We create a scaffold around these projects providing them support at every stage of their development. From branding, tokenomics, go to market, launch, listing, partnerships, PR and more, we work tirelessly to ensure maximum impact. We offer advisory to projects who are further along in their journey but need support to achieve their goals.

The SL2 Approach

We back visionary founders with a razor like focus to help companies grow.

It’s that simple.

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    We don’t belive in being opaque. You will always get openess, transparency and honesty from SL2. It’s the foundation of our effective partnership.

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    We have been founders and respect the journey and the struggle. We don’t waste your valuable time. You only will ever meet the people who make the decisions.

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    SL2 has been in the blockchain space since the beginning. We know all the key stakeholders in the space and surround you with the right people.

We’re always looking for compelling ideas, business, and partnership opportunities. We also enjoy reading your feedback. If you’re submitting a business proposal, please include a clear description and any resources that could help us evaluate your opportunity.

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