Our Design Process

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    Our multidisciplinary approach to service, experience, and product design enables our team to create cohesive, responsive, and accessible experiences in every environment.

  • technology


    We design, maintain and upgrade applications in an efficient and recursive manner to deliver seamless web 3.0 experiences.

  • product


    In our products, we use an intersection of science, technology, and creativity to tackle real-world issues.

SL2 Studios Team

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    Anis Ahmed Chohan


  • team

    Imtiaz Durrani


  • team

    Adeela Khalid

    Head of PMO

  • team

    Muhammad Umar

    Fullstack Developer / Blockchain Developer

  • team


    Sr. Quality Assurance

  • team

    Ali Raza

    Sr. UI/UX Designer

  • team

    Umar Mushtaq

    Scrum Master / Product Owner

  • team

    Aqsa Durrani


  • team

    Muhammad Arslan

    Sr. Frontend Developer

  • team

    Tehreem Saleem

    Jr. Frontend Engineer

  • team

    Iftikhar Ahmad


  • team

    Adeel Rana

    UI/UX designer

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